I’m a photographer and retoucher based in Nice, France. I was born in 1979. I’m into photography, digital retouching, thriller movies, personal development and house music.

Since my very young age, I always loved taking pictures, but for almost 35 years, it was only a hobby, taking pictures as it comes, convinced that the best camera will give me the best results… And I was wrong !

Then I started to forget about technical aspect, and deep dive into lighting and posing. I did workshops, tutorial videos, books, everything I can to learn, learn and learn.

As a little aside, for those who are familiar with Clifton StrengthsFinder, here’s my top three strengths :

  • Learner
  • Ideation
  • Input

And so this is where I began to have good results after (so) many fails. Now before looking at the camera model, I always look at my light.

I love to use natural light when available, but I’m also addicted to my flashes (I’m a control freak!).

Even if “light is light”, not all gears are created equal ! I have a dark geek side and suffering from GAS (Gear Syndrom Acquisition). Do I produce better image with it ? Absolutely not, but I’m more productive !